Your Jamaican Vacation

Your Jamaican Vacation

So you are planning your trip to Jamaica? Great, this is a wonderful place to gear up for that.  If you have never been to Jamaica, you are missing out on a lot of fun and relaxation, Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean surrounded by the Caribbean sea and has a population of roughly three million inhabitants and growing.

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The sunsets are awe aspiring and you will definitely need to bring your best camera with you to take photos of these images when the sun is rising or setting especially in Negril which is located at the most west of Jamaica.  Many great foods are in Jamaica for you to enjoy.  The reggae music is the best in the world and Jamaica is the birthplace for this, have you ever heard of Bob Marley?  Rum, beer and coffee are available all year round and is a must have when you visit Jamaica.

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Snorkeling, scuba diving is also highly recommended when on your Jamaican vacation since Jamaica has some of the world’s best beaches with clean white sands and crystal clear water that you can see your feet in.  There are many exiting things to do while in Jamaica and this website will explore more into this.  This website keeps updating with more information regularly to be confident about your Jamaican vacation. Below you will find recommended necessities that you will most likely need when on your Jamaican vacation.

Also if you like relaxing and reading, Negril is the best place for that.  Bring along with you your kindle or any other e-reader and read on the beach in the sun and drink a bottle of Red Stripe Jamaican beer or your beverage of choice to keep you refreshed in the heat.



Red Stripe Beer

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If you may have any question or suggestions, please leave a comment/reply below and I will be more that happy to provide answers for you.  Once again I thank you as usual for visiting this one of a kind website.

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