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Foods Of The Island – Try Them All


Ackee and salt fish (salted codfish) will be one of the most tasty foods that you will taste when you go on your Jamaican vacation.  It is especially really good with roasted breadfruit and calaloo, which is also a Jamaican favorite.  Ackee and salt fish is actually the national dish in Jamaica and is eaten by almost everybody in the country.  Ackee is native to tropical West Africa and was bought to Jamaica on slave ships back in the days. You can visit Wikipedia for more information on this fruit if you like.




Jerk foods are very popular in Jamaica, jerk is a seasoning made with scotch bonnet pe1pper, a lot of herbs and spices, garlic, pimento and more.  This seasoning is used on meats which include pork and chicken, it is also used to season fish.  One of the best spots to get jerk foods is a place known as Scotchies; it is one of my favorite places to eat jerk chicken.  Try some jerk food while on your Jamaican vacation for a great experience.


When it comes to the tropics, fruits are in galore and it even tastes much better while you are consuming them on your Jamaican vacation.  Mangoes, sweetsop, guava, pomegranate (known as panganat in Jamaica), apples, soursop, jackfruit which is one of the most23 exotic fruit4s in the world.  Eat the fruits of the island and go on tours of the rural communities of Jamaica so you can get a firsthand experience like no other, Jamaica is one of the few 1countries in the world that you can pick fruits from your neighbor’s tree or even trees grown wild all across the island.  The soil is very rich and suited for all the tropicfruitsal fruits that is available on this beautiful island.  So have fun and eat food galore, you will be glad that you did.              




Mannish Water with Breadfruit   This may sound a little strange, but this is also a very popular food in Jamaica.  It is actually goat’s head and goat intestine soup, yea I know it sounds gross, but I can assure you that once you have some of this delicious soup you will feel really glad that you tried it.  

So the head of the goat is boiled in usually a large pot until it is fully cooked, root vegetables are added along with dumplings and Jamaican herbs and spices to simmer together to make this soup.  You will find this very popular in the country side of Jamaica, you won’t necessarily get it at Sandals 😉  So if you are one of those people who want to eat what the Jamaicans eat and explore the island some more, I strongly recommend that you try this mannish water and then you will be able to tell your friends that you are somewhat a Jamaican.  And by the way as the name may suggest; mannish water is good especially for men as popular Jamaican folklore says that it helps in sex drive. Enjoy your mannish water and ask any locals when you are in Jamaica to hook you up if you would like to try it out.    

CURRIED GOAT Curry Goat Rice and Peas

Another very popular and widely consumed food in Jamaica, so this is going to be the flesh and bones of the goat which is marinated in yellow curry, herbs and spices which include scotch bonnet peppers and pimento.  After this has been fully marinated, it will be added to very hot oil that have been prepared in a skillet of dutch pan.  

You will then add a bit of water and then cover and monitor.  Some people will use a pressure cooker to get the flesh to cook at a faster rate.  When this is done, and you begin to eat, you will not want to stop.  It  is a really delicious tasting food.  You can enjoy it with rice or any starch of your choice.  The photo above is rice and peas with curry goat.  

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