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So welcome again and I hope that you are having a good time on  I will go through the best beaches that Jamaica has to offer for you when you are on your vacation…


Beaches, beaches, beaches.  Jamaica has a lot of great beaches to offer to visitors and locals alike. In this section, you will get to know some of the best beaches in Jamaica, in Montego Bay there is the Doctor’s Cave Beach which is one of the most pristine beaches in all of Montego Bay.  It attracts a lot of people from all over the world on a daily basic just because of its beauty and serenity.  There are restaurants and also some really well kept locker rooms and also places where you can rent diving/scuba equipments.  This is one of the beaches that I go to with my family when I am home in Montego Bay and I just love it.  It is truly one of the best beaches on the island.



Negril is located in the most western part of Jamaica and is truly a magical place, this is where the world famous seven miles of white sand beach is located and it is something that is quite beautiful, sexy and exciting.  This is Jamaica’s hotspot for sunbathers, locals, and families alike.  There are also spots designated for the occasional nudists.  Jerk food which includes chicken, fish and pork is easily found by local vendors who will have shops set up on the beach.  It is a great place to have fun and relax.  The sunset in negril is the best in Jamaica so do not forget to bring your camera for the show, truly breathtaking!

Below is a nice shot of Negril Seven Miles Beach in the late afternoon.  Isn’t it quite stunning?

Seven Mile Beach

Beach In Negril1



Take a lot of photos while you are in Jamaica, especially of the sunsets.  This is always a good thing to do as Jamaica has some of the best sunsets in the entire world.  Negril is a recommended spot for you to take a few shots and save for years.  Do this and you will be very happy about it.  


Truly a great treasure in Jamaica to behold!  This beach located along the paths of Jamaica’s southern shore is actually a collection of four separate fishing villages.  Not quite as vibrant as Doctor’s Cave or Negril Seven Miles primarily due to the fact that it is not as close to the two major airports, about two miles away and the bumpy backroads in that area is also an issue for travelers, however if you do take the trip you will be more than happy that you do, it will be worth your time and efforts. There is a lot to do in the nighttime, reggae music is usually playing with local live bands and a whole lot of good jeqrk foods will be available with your choice of beverage.


This is one of the local beach/park in Montego Bay, I love this beach very much.  I go there a lot with my daughter when I am home.  It is also a theme park with a lot of games for kids and adults alike.  If you do enjoy playing tennis, you will find that they also have a nice tennis court which is well kept.  Foods are available during the course of the day and a lot of beverages to keep you cool.  It is also close to the airport and major hotels.

The sunset is always breathtaking in the evenings and if you love music, they will have music coming from the speakers for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy yourself thoroughly while you are here and just relax and have fun.

And if you may have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below and let me know. Thank you and do plan wisely on your vacation.


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