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All Inclusive Or Non All-Inclusive – Which Is Better?

Many people want to go to Jamaica but really want to experience the real Jamaican side and not necessarily the all-inclusive that Jamaica has now come to be known for. I have been having a lot of discussions about this topic and have found out that most people would prefer to just rent a local villa or just stay at a friend’s house, rent a car and just get to see the side of Jamaica that the all-inclusive packages just does not offer.


To stay at an all-inclusive resort is not a bad thing at all. You get to have unlimited food, amenities, and beverages at just one fixed usually low price, many people do take advantage of this and is very happy with it. But on the other hand most people would just rather to not stay at an all-inclusive resort since it tends to be too commercial and makes for an unauthentic experience. They do not know what they are missing out on since Jamaica is really more interesting when you take it to the streets and get out there to see the real side.

Pic Obtained From WikimediaCommons

Pic Obtained From WikimediaCommons

I have been to some all-inclusive resorts (there are a whole lot) and I must say that everything is there at the resort that you would enjoy but it is just all made up to look that way. The jerk chicken is not the real authentic chicken that you would get at Scotchie’s which is one of the local franchise authentic jerk hut that uses traditional technique to jerk the chicken or the fish and pork, roast breadfruit or yam, roast corn and festival.

This is a must stop for lunch, dinner or snack! There is something for everyone – meat eater, Vegetarians or fish eaters. Great daily soups as well. When you go to the countryside in Jamaica, you get to eat the fruits of the season which is grown locally; something that the all-inclusive packages does not offer since the foods that are served in the hotel is usually imported from America.

To go to Jamaica, you really want to experience Jamaica is what I think.  If you like to just stay is a hotel and just enjoy the beach, the all-inclusive package would be right for you.  But if you are a more adventurous person, I would definitely suggest that you stay a friend’s house or just rent a simple villa somewhere and then you would be able to get a special piece of Jamaica that will stay in your memories forever.

If you may have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop a line just right below and I will be more than happy to engage in conversation and give you a reply within the next 48 hours.

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4 thoughts on “All Inclusive Or Non All-Inclusive – Which Is Better?

  1. Eoinmc

    Yeah, would absolutely love to go to Jamaica at some point. I have some friends who went in the early 90’s and had a great time. They were big into Marley and all that went with it but being white European boys, I don’t think that they were as accepted by the local populace as they might have hoped. I believe it’s a really beautiful country, but big business has used and abused it so the general population are left in poverty. A lot of those businesses are from wealthy white countries which is why my friends didn’t click so well with the locals.
    But that was then and this is now, but it is a part of the world that I would just love to visit.

    1. Jason Foster Post author

      Jamaica is still overall a great place to visit. It is somewhat saturated with all the all-inclusive hotels. When you go there, I would suggest that you get together with some locals to really see the parts of the island that is really stunning to visit. Thank you for visiting my site.


    1. admin

      You will have a great time when you make the trip to Jamaica. If you may have any questions about getting around, do let me know and I will offer my advice.

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