Your Jamaican Vacation

About The Author

Hello everyone!  Thanks for visiting this lovely website that is geared towards getting you ready for your trip to the island of Jamaica.  My name is Jason and I was born and bred in Montego Bay, Jamaica, so I know a thing or two about what Jamaica is about.

I am now 32 years old and I decided to create this website to allow you to get great deals and an informative breakdown of life in Jamaica when you are on vacation and also some good recommendations on places to stay and reviews as well.  I have a lovely girlfriend who I plan on being my wife soon, and I also have a beautiful daughter that we both love unconditionally.  I love when I am in Jamaica enjoying the beach and relaxing to the music that is known as reggae and just doing the things that I like day to day.

I recommend that you will take a look at this website and book a trip to this lovely island in the sun.

Some of the most special things about Jamaica is it’s beaches, people, sun, JB (rum), music, parties and again beaches.  In Jamaica, many people enjoy playing sports like Soccer (Football), Cricket, Basketball and Netball (A sport closely related to Netball but played by females)  I love relaxing and eating great food, or dancing listening to reggae music, or just having the best time in my life, if you also like things like this, this website is created to offer that for you.  For Your Jamaican vacation you must at least spend one full week to experience a little of the culture and the people with it’s wonderful beaches and it’s delicious cuisine.

I welcome you personally to this website and hope that you will find it informative and beneficial while planning your wonderful trip to the best island in the Caribbean.


Jason Foster

– Founder/Creator